Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker

Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker


The Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker meets the demands of the pickiest, most adventurous audiophile. With its DarkBass chamber, one-touch Bluetooth and built-in solar panel, a Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker in your backpack ensure a long-lasting musical trek. Rugged and waterproof outer shell built to withstand all Mother Nature can throw. Roomy inner fabric-lined compartment to protect gear. Attached bungee to strap it anywhere.




  • Recharge by: USB, Solar
  • Run Time: 20+ Hours
  • USB Recharge Time: 2 Hours
  • Durability: Waterproof
  • Chainable: Yes
  • CIdeal for: Guide 10, Switch 8, Nomad 7


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