5.2KWp mGTI Solar System Package

5.2KWp mGTI Solar System Package



  • 20pcs 260w Poly JAPAN SOLAR pv module (JS-260U-L160)
  • 10pcs 600w HOYMILES Microinverter
  • 5kw Kit HOPERGY professional railing kit
  • 10m 3core Royal Cord with connector





A solar energy system is a smart option for businesses. Solar panels reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels, supplying business operations with clean, green and renewable energy. Many business owners, from resorts to schools to warehouses to restaurants are making the decision to reduce their electricity bills and go solar today.

A solar energy system can benefit your business in numerous ways: 

Save significantly on your utility expenses. Add value to your commercial property. Create a green image for you and your company.



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