Our products are very simple to use and connect – just plug and play. You collect power from the sun, USB, wall or 12Vdc. You store this power in any of our Goal Zero rechargers. You then are ready to use this power anywhere at anytime with only your imagination as the limit. Our rechargers provide power for USB, 12Vdc and AC devices.



    Collect power to run your device or to store power in a Power Pack for later



    Store power in a Power Pack from one of our Solar Panels or the wall



    Power your device with Goal Zero for an off-the-grid power solution


100% FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY – When you use GOAL ZERO, you use the power of “green energy”. This is the place to find out all you need to know about solar power, solar cells and solar panels.

Solar Electricity – is electrical energy generated with the aid of sunlight. Did you know that, with the sunlight that meets the earth day after day, we could meet the earth’s energy requirement more than 8,500 times over?

Solar Cells – are made up of two layers of treated silicon. The bottom layer is positively charged, the upper is negatively charged. When sunlight meets the solar cells, the electrons in the two layers are activated and start moving from one layer to the other. Electricity flows.

Solar Panels – are made up of the systematic arrangement of a certain number of solar cells. The greater the number of solar cells and the better the alignment with the sun, the more powerful the solar panel. Naturally, the generation of electricity depends on the intensity of the direct sunlight. If there is an obstacle between the sun and the solar panel or if it is cloudy, this impairs the charging power. Naturally, solar panels cannot generate any electricity at night. Our tip: take advantage of the sunshine to fully charge your batteries!


PORTABILITY – Go-anywhere power that doesn’t weigh you down. Solar panels that fit on your backpack, rechargers that weigh less than a pound.

DURABILITY – Rugged and weather resistant. From the tropics to the poles, our gear has proven itself in temperature, elevation, and humidity extremes.

SIMPLICITY – No extra cables, inverters, or charge controllers to purchase or configure. Our plug-and-play systems mean instant power for anyone, anywhere.

SCALABILITY – Power options to fit all your needs. Chainable solar panels, rechargers and lights minimize charge time and maximize playtime.

VERSATILITY – From cellphones to household appliances, easy solutions to power all your gear. Multiple built-in ports to match any device.

DEPENDABILITY – Day or night, you can quickly charge any device. We engineer our panels and rechargers to power up your gear as fast as the wall.


And what is the GOAL ZERO principle? As powerful as necessary. As simple as possible. This is made possible by the flexible modular system: the high-quality GOAL ZERO solar panels, chargers and accessories can be easily combined with each other in a multitude of ways. Hence, you can come up with the best GOAL ZERO solution for your current requirement in no time at all. Everything works really easily and reliably. You don’t need any additional cables or charge controllers. In this way, we save you time, money and nerves!




Robust and Naturally Resistant – GOAL ZERO products are easy to care for and require practically no maintenance. If you regularly remove splashes of mud and other dirt, don’t let them get wet or subject them to a hard impact, they will function effectively and reliably for a long time.

A Few More Tips

Batteries and power packs by GOAL ZERO can always be left attached to the solar panel or a socket to charge up. If you don’t do this, you need to charge them up completely from a socket for a full 24 hours every two or three months. It is recommended that you charge them fully for 24 hours from a socket before you use them for the very first time.

Naturally, the solar panels can only achieve their full power under ideal conditions: aligned directly towards the sun, without any UV ray-filtering objects in the way, such as window panes, clouds or protective film applied to the panels. Dirt and scratches may also impair performance. We recommend that you occasionally wipe the panels with a damp cloth. You won’t usually need to use cleaning agents.


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