Versatile Off-Grid Solar Solution with 30 Wh and 7,800mAh Power Pack

Are you looking for a versatile solar charger for backpacking? Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger is an amazing solution you can carry anywhere easily and make to take advantage of the sun for unlimited energy outdoors.

As you can see, Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger contains two parts mainly; a highly durable Venture 30 battery pack with 7800mAh battery and a unit of Goal Zero’s Nomad 7 solar panel, the smallest of the series.

More exciting thing with the solar charger is its rugged and durable nature. It is also IPX6 weatherproof so it is very nice for your adventurous trips. Function wise, the lightweight solar kit can charge multiple devices at a time and it just requires short period to get fully charged from sun. In case the day is dark you can charge it via USB from your wall, as well.

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Kit Re-charger – Features


Powerful Rugged Solar Charger

Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger is a powerful option you can pick for backpacking. Coming with Nomad 7, Venture 30 becomes a perfect companion for your outings. It takes only around 10 hours to fully charge the built-in 7800mAh battery from sun. In case you don’t have bright sun, you can juice up the power pack from your wall outlet in less than 5 hours. So you are lucky to keep quite enough portable energy for off-grid use.

Enough Power for Outings

With the 7800mAh battery featuring Venture 30 in the bundle, you are lucky enough to go for outings with a lot of power. A fully charged Venture 30 is capable to juice up a smart phone three times and a tablet one time. Thanks to its lightweight design, it becomes super simple to carry along the solar power bank anywhere you want with less effort.

Extremely Rugged and Weatherproof

Designed for off-grid use, this is a much expected feature. Well, the Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger is made to survive any force and impact the Mother Nature can throw at. Yes, it is can get by water splashes, rain, dust and shocks. Overall, the solar pack is a good piece of product you can blindly pick for outings and keep with no worry on its fitness.

Compatible for Two Devices Simultaneously

It is another alluring advantage of the Goal Zero product. The Venture 30 sports a pair of 4.8A high speed USB ports that you can use to tether your gadgets to accept solar energy. Both the ports can dish out the fastest charge possible at the same time, resulting in faster recharging of two devices simultaneously.

Complete Portable Solar Pack

Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger is a complete solar pack like many similar products from the American firm. Along with the Venture 30 power pack and Nomad 7 panel, it offers all required cables and wires so that you can just go out for outings with the bundle. No extra cable or wire is required to produce solar energy outdoors.


What Customers Think?

Good customer response to the Goal Zero Venture 30 solar kit re-charger simply testifies the quality Goal Zero offers in the product. The all-in-one portable solar solution with its light design comes with a lot of features that a regular camper or backpacker will be excited of.

As of writing this piece, around 15 people have made their comments on the product on, with its total rating hitting 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most customers are found quite happy with the product and its performance. Getting through the reviews, two main features that most customers have highlighted are its rugged design and quick solar charging.

Sum Up

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Kit Re-charger is, in fact, a versatile solution for your instant off-grid energy use. One way, you get an advanced solar panel with a power pack that can carry quite enough energy required for outdoor use. At the same time, thanks to the power pack’s compatibility for charging via USB, you get a highly reliable way to keep your devices juiced.