Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit Review:

10 Reasons Why you Should Buy the Portable Solar Kit for Camping

We already reviewed Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar recharging kit before in this blog. Here we would like to let you know how great is this product for camping, hiking and other outdoor use.

While going on an outing, you must be carrying a reliable power source. To make your trip rather exciting, the best you can do is to take a nice portable solar power system that can make sure you get unlimited juice everywhere.

In this Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar recharging kit review, we introduce you to ten interesting reasons why you should buy this kit. It is a fact that we don’t have too many alternatives of similar lightweight portable solar kits on shelves. Even if there is a boom in portable solar power market, we are yet to have a great collection of products.

Goal Zero is, not doubt, one of the most trusted brands in portable solar power industry. It has a best-selling series of solar generators branded as Yeti. Sherpa is its brand of power banks, and bundled with Nomad 20, it turns out to be Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar recharging kit.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit Review: Things to Know About

1. All-in-One Portable Solar System

All-in-one system means you get everything required for portable power in a kit; solar panel and power bank. Solar panel is Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 unit that is a foldable three-layer 20W solar panel with weight around 1.5 lbs. The power bank is its famous Sherpa 50 unit that offers 58Wh output and mounts 5200mAh 11v battery inside.

2. Quite Enough Powerful Battery

As you learned above, the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar recharging kit packs up Sherpa 50 power bank that mounts a powerful battery. It is ideal for regular laptops and tablets, but keep in mind that it doesn’t support powerful gadgets like Apple MacBook Pro. By the way, overall output the Sherpa 50 can offer is 58Wh, which means it is perfect for outings where you will mostly have to juice up your small handsets rather than laptops.

3. Good for Laptops and Tablets

It is indeed one of attractive things with the portable solar panel kit. While going on a camping, you won’t usually be carrying a lap. But if you are a kind of person that has to hang around a lot of time outdoors for work or anything else, it becomes ideal simply because it supports laptops. Nonetheless, Goal Zero says it is not compatible for highly powerful machines like MacBook Pro.

4. Three Ways to Charge

Like all Goal Zero products, the Sherpa 50-powered solar kit is also compatible for multiple ways of charging; solar, wall outlet and car socket. However, being a blog supporting green energy we recommend its solar function. And for an outing, solar is certainly going to help you more than other options. With sun over your head, you are free to enjoy unlimited energy with the Sherpa 50 solar kit.

5. Good Customer Support

For sure it is a great thing for regular customers. Goal Zero is known for maintaining nice customer support. Being a leading maker of portable solar devices, you also have enough guides and support literature on web for Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar charging kit.

6. Good Customer Reviews and Rating

Wow! It has been a wonder when it comes to Goal Zero products’ customer feedback. All sites that sell the solar kit have a good number of reliable customer reviews and better rating. For example, Amazon.com shows up over 50 reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars as of now. So get through all the stuff and see what customers think before adding it to your cart.

7. Multiple Solar Panels

Yes, it is true. Goal Zero produces a good variety of solar panels under two brands, Nomad and Boulder. Though this kit packs up one of the basic models, Nomad 20, you can pick and try other options as well for better solar output.

8. Chainable and Expandable

If you want your Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar kit to produce more energy, you can add up more panels and chain more Sherpa 50 or other Goal Zero power banks. That means you are not limited to anything with Goal Zero. You can increase output by picking required supplements.

9. Rugged and Highly Portable

Getting through the points above, I think you might have a clear idea of this cool Goal Zero charging kit. It is rugged and portable as well. It is surely one of the most exciting things that make the product friendly for camping and outdoor uses. Once into camping, you will be making your travels in rough terrains. Simple solution to meet such a situation in the wild is to get this kind of rugged portable solar system.

Sum Up

Hope you have enjoyed our Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar recharging kit review with 10 interesting things to remember. If you are person that makes into regular outings, you might need a reliable power source. This Goal Zero solar kit is certainly one of the best picks for you. For an affordable price, you get a good enough device for unlimited power anywhere, anytime.