Best Solar Generator Kit

Great Reasons Why Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Power Pack Kit is Worth Buying

Having trouble to find the best solar generator kit for your needs? Why not considering Goal Zero Yeti 1250 solar generator power pack kit? It looks a perfect option for anybody, who looks for a cool solar generator kit for either camping or emergency. Below we discuss all cool things about the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 kit.

First of all it, it is the most powerful solar generator kit on market as of now. And so good is its build quality and finishing. You have a kit of neatly built and well-designed solar generator components in just two parts – solar power pack and solar panel unit. Well, you have everything in the package to become the best solar generator kit.

Of course, that means you don’t need to add anything extra to the kit. It is complete and comes ready-to-use. Great thing is the pack contains Goal Zero’s much-highlighted Yeti 1250 high-end power bank and a pair of 30W Boulder 30 solar panels. They are indeed quite enough to juice up the power pack in a few hours under direct sunlight.

Best Solar Generator Kit – Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Kit


Very Much Powerful Portable Power Bank

As you know, Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is an enormous power bank. Sure, you can’t compare it with any existing power banks on market, especially when considering its storage and inverter capacity as well as smart design. Under the hood it sports a 1200Wh inverter and a massive 100Ah (12V) battery. And you have it with a variety of necessary output ports like USB ports, 12V and multiple universal AC outlets.

Unmatched Portability Makes Carrying Easy

Though weighing at around 50kgs, carrying Goal Zero Yeti 1250 will not be a burden. It is up with a strong built-in handle and wheels. Just drag it anywhere you want. Thanks to its sturdy wheels, you can even move it on rough terrains as well. Added with the Boulder 30 panels (weighing about 3kg each), total weight of solar generator kit goes at 55kgs. Well, to carry the panels, no worries you get a carrying case with the kit.


Ready to Use Out of the Box

Usually a solar generator kit will require some assembly before you can use it. This Goal Zero Yeti – the best solar generator kit you can buy on market today – makes it easy to use just out of the box. You have the kit with all what is required for an ideal solar generator kit. Just place the panels anywhere there is sunlight and connect included codes to power pack. That is done. Your pack will be charging now. After a while, you can start using the energy.

Multiple Options to Charge up Power Pack

If there is no sun for some days don’t fret up. You have other options to juice up the included power pack – Yeti 1250. You can connect it to a wall outlet or car socket, but as a solar blog, we don’t recommend it except when you have no option to charge it from sun. Well, a solar generator does contribute to the world’s taxing energy crisis only when it makes power from sun, the most reliable green energy source that is available anywhere in world.



Far From Charging your Handsets

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 becomes the best solar generator kit as it can charge a wide range of your appliances, except your handsets or tablets. Yes, it is made for powering up a number of possible camping appliances like mini fridge, oven, laptops and CPAP machines. Up with three AC outlets, 2 12V ports, 3 USB ports and one Anderson Power Pole, it can easily juice up a battery of your gadgets, appliances and more.

Coming from a Leading Manufacturer

This thread becomes a point of quality when considering the fact that most of the portable solar gadgets on market are from either small-time makers or Asian-based firms. Goal Zero Yeti is from Goal Zero, an American innovator of portable solar gadgets. Goal Zero leads the market with an amazing collection of portable solar devices, solar panels and etc… Plus, in after sale support, customers widely laud Goal Zero for dedication.

Good Customer Reviews

If you are a person that is fervent to know what other customers think about a product you are planning to buy, you have happy news. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 kit is doing quite well in customer feedback on any website it is available. For this article, we analyzed all sites as well as Goal Zero portal and came to a conclusion that the product has been receiving good reviews and rating everywhere.

Stylish Look and Feel

Maybe, this is the least important thing in the list, because most people who look for the best solar generator kit won’t be considering its look and feel. However, when it comes to a Goal Zero product, it is a valuable thing, anyways. All the Goal Zero products are following cute design cue and color scheme. This one is also nice with its silver and green shading and, of course,  with its appealing compact form factor.